7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs

7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs

7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs
BRAND NEW VEHICLE REAR VIEW BACKUP SYSTEM - 7 DIGITAL FLAT SCREEN C O L O R LCD MONITOR WITH SUN VISOR & 120° CCD C O L O R REAR VIEW BACKUP CAMERA & 32 FEET CABLE WITH. We'll beat any competitor's price!! In this time of economic recession the last thing you need to do is pay more than you have to. We sell the TOP QUALITY products. We simply pass our savings onto you.

- For a limited time only! The LCD Monitor Has Automatic Brightness Control Function, Also Works With Our Many Other Addtional Rear View Cameras! Free 32' Cable to connect the monitor to the camera. You don't have to shop elsewhere!!! We're giving it to you for free as thanks for purchasing the camera/monitor set.

GREAT PRODUCTS FOR CARS, TRUCKS, RVs, BOATS AND VANS! Heres a great product for use in any type of vehicle with either poor rear view visibility, none at all, or for those times when you just want to have the convenience of being able to see a wider field of vision than you get from using a standard rear view mirror or looking over your shoulder while steering your vehicle. This product is versatile and is meant for everyday use in any car, RV, van, truck, bus, boat, personal watercraft, and even aircraft!!!

Basically, if you want the piece of mind that comes with knowing where you're going in order to protect your property and those of others then this is the product for you. We stand behind our product literally!!!

To make sure that you, the customer, is getting the best product out on the market today at the most competitive price. You'll Get A Complete Rear View Backup System With All Accessories.

Two High Resolution CCD C O L O R Video Camera With Infrared Night Vision, 120° Wide View and heavy duty weather resistant 4-pin connectors. One High Resolution 7 C O L O R TFT-LCD Wide Screen Digital Video Monitor With built-in 12-24V input, Illuminated Controls, And Automatic & Manual Selection. System Accessories include: Full Function Wireless Remote Control, Universal Adjustable Monitor Mounting Bracket, Optional Windshield Suction Mount, Video & Audio Input & Control Cable, and Main Power Cable; Two FREE BONUS 32 Feet Camera Connecting Extension Cables with 4-pin connectors.

Notes: See the Accessories Pictures below! English User Manual & Quick Connection Instructions. Rotate Screw driver to shift between normal and reverse view. System Function and Connection Diagram. Monitor sunshade, AV/power input & control cable, remote control, universal adjustable monitor mount.

Bonus 32 Feet Extended Cable With Weather Resistant 4-Pin Connectors. The CCD Camera Has The Following Special Features.

Durable, rustproof stainless steel bodied camera and surface mount (comes with assembly materials to surface mount on outside of vehicle). Weather and Waterproof casing with. Heavy duty weather/water resistant 4-pin connector.

Auto activate at night - ability to sense low and high light levels and adjust image accordingly. High resolution 700 TV lines. Low illumination requirement - 0 LUX (w/LEDs on). User adjust left/right mirror reverse image. Can set to display a reversed camera image on the monitor (for vehicle rear viewing to duplicate the normal view seen in a rear-view mirror) OR a normal view on the monitor (for vehicle front viewing).

120 Degree Wide Angle View. Essential to get a wide picture view especially when backing up a towed vehicle or a vehicle with wide turning radius. The camera video output with an additional 3 feet cable (RCA connector one side and 4-Pin connector the other side) is compatible with any VCR, DVD player, TV, or Monitor that have the standard video input. Uses standard 12V DC power supply found in most land vehicles. Caution: The camera is designed to operate within a range of constantly changing voltage levels produced by a vehicle's battery and alternator (post engine ignition) under normal use conditions.

Some vehicles have a very high momentary voltage at the vehicle starting time and the excessive voltage generation at that time might cause damage to the camera. If your vehicle tends to emit high voltage levels during ignition you will need to install a fuse/voltage regulator/etc. Please consult with a professional vehicle audio/video equipment installers if needed. 1/3 SHARP CCD Image Capturing Sensor. 976 (H) x 582 (V). 0 LUX (w/ LEDs on) / F:2.0. 4.9mm x 3.7mm. 1.0 Vp-p 75 ohm. DC 12V (Standard on most land vehicles).

1/60 - 1/10,000 second. Approx 13.4 oz (380 g). F=2.8mm / F=2.0. 4°F - 158°F (-20°C - 70°C) / RH 95% Max. 40°F - 176°F (-40°C - 80°C) / RH 95% Max.

Wide View Angel 120 °. Width = 75 mm x Heighth = 62 mm x Depth = 55 mm (with surface-mount bracket) approx. 2.9" x 2.4" x 2.2 (w/surface-mount bracket) approx. 1.8" x 1.7" x 2.2 (Camera only). Video Output and DC Power Input.

The TFT LCD Monitor Has The Following Special Features. C O L O R. 7 TFT LCD monitor with wide screen and fine pictures. Up to 2 AV inputs.

With 1440 (h) x 234 (v) resolution. Front panel controls with on-screen menu. All functions are controlled by wireless remote control, OSD menu. Screen tilts up/down for more versatile viewing options. Monitor viewing angle 15°(Up), 35°(Down), 55°(Left/Right).

Automatic image switch to right or left. Includes universal adjustable monitor mounting bracket, also optional windshield suction mount; Monitor can be mounted almost anywhere such as the dashboard, sun visor, center console, windshield, hung from the ceiling, etc. Shock resistant, designed specifically for mobile use. 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio selectable from monitor. Automatic brightness control function, Illuminated control buttons light automatically during darkness. PAL & NTSC Auto Switching. U: 40 / D: 60, L/R: 60.

7.2" (w) x 5" (h) x 1.5 (d). Choose The Best Technology For Rear View Backup System.

What Is CCD Technology and Why You Need It? This product employs CCD technology.

CCD, or charge-coupled device, is a very sensitive electronic device that acts as the camera's "electronic eye"it is composed of silicon chips that are sensitive to light, changing detected photons of light into electronic signals that can then be used to make images. CCD sensors are popular for digital cameras and are generally associated with higher quality images. A similar but inferior technology to that of CCD that most people have heard of is CMOS.

A CMOS image sensor, which has a multi-functional chip to allow the camera to be much smaller, runs on less power and creates less thermal noise. However, CMOS sensors are much cheaper to produce and all of those extra functions for CMOS sensors tend to create more overall noise and lower image quality because of resistance and interference. You need CCD technology because the last thing you need while trying to safely reverse your vehicle in a rain or snow storm is a grainy, less clear picture that restricts your visibility and impairs your judgement.

Get the CCD technology and you'll never regret it. After all, you're looking for a dependable and reliable camera. What Is TFT Technology and Why You Need It? The monitor employs something called Thin-Film Transistor, or TFT. TFT is a special kind of field-effect transistor made by depositing thin films of a semiconductor active layer as well as the dielectric layer and metallic contacts over a supporting substrate.

Liquid crystal displays, or LCD, typically use this process as a common substrate for TFT is glass. This differs from the conventional transistor where the semiconductor material typically is the substrate, such as a silicon wafer. The best known application of TFT is in TFT LCDs (thin film transistor liquid crystal display), a variant of LCD technology. Transistors are embedded within the panel itself, reducing crosstalk between pixels and improving image stability. What does this all mean for the monitor we're talking about?

It certainly is quite complicated. Well, all it means is that you're getting the latest technology that offers you a very light, thin viewing surface that's easily installed onto any standard factory installed rear view mirror. Plus, you get a great, sharp and clear picture quality, something that's important while operating your camera in heavy rain or snow, or any other inclement weather, for that matter.

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There's no middleman involved here so you don't get stuck paying for the additional markup!!! We can also customize products to your specifications. Let us be your support team!!! By working with us you reduce your product sourcing costs while maximizing your profits. Customer must provide a copy of your invoice. We make every effort to help our customers to solve any technical issues they may have related to the installation and normal use of the product. When returning a product we ask that you return it with all packaging materials intact and in the original product box. Upon receipt by us, our technicians will perform a full diagnostic review of the product to determine the exact cause(s) of operational difficulty/failure. We thank you for your business.

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7 Color CCD Rear View Backup Camera System-Reverse System with 2 Video Inputs

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